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Shanghai Lianhe(Unit-Silent) is a manufacturer of platform trolley, Since 2002, we have accumulated rich experiences from R&D, Manufacturing, OEM, Sales, Customer Services and Global Brand Marketing.
Over the years, we are committed to the innovation of the short-distance transport tools, the study of  Ergonomics and the philosophy of users, we will continuously apply the results of our research to our products, improve the user experience and provide users with solutions to save investment and improve work efficiency.

Uni-Silent, 连和, PLA-LH are the registered trademarks of Shanghai Lianhe .
Product Keywords: Uni-Silent platform trolley, Ordinary Silence, Advanced Silence, Super Silence, etc.


Add: 2F, No.9,1175 Tongpu Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

Tel: 86-21-52172107*8201

Fax: 86-21-52197133

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