Technical support

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Click the links below to open the pdf files

Right mouse click and "Save Target As" can download the file

Mobile side can download the file directly

PC side please download the file marked PC on the computer


Click the links below to view the videos directly on the phone


Installation instruction video of single deck platform hand trolley 

Installation instruction video of multideck trolleys  

Installation instruction video of double decks trolleys with guardrails

Installation instruction video of wire mesh trolley

Installation instruction video of brake structure  


Click the links below to download the documents on the computer


Installation instruction file of single deck platform hand trolley (6.11m)PC

Installation instruction file of multideck trolley (14.87m)PC



Catalogue package


Lianhe home series

Two wheels folding shopping trolley


Hand trolley catalogue (pdf)

Other products catalogue (pdf)

100kg dolly catalogue in metric units (pdf)

100kg dolly catalogue in English units (pdf)


Pictures package

Double decks grey hand trolley picture material

Grey hand trolley picture material(1.96m)PC

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