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  • Uni-Silent 200kgs Durable Plastic Platform Push Truck with Natural Rubber Wheel PLA200-T2-HL2
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland) 
    Brand Name: Uni-Silent 
    Model Number: PLA200-T2-HL2 
    Usage: Tools 
    Structure: Platform 
    Platform Material: Plastic 
    Wheel: Four-wheel 
    Plastic Deck: PP 
    Size of Deck (mm): 825(L)x500(W) 
    Height of Handle (mm): 890 
    Lower Deck Height (mm): 176 
    Upper Deck Height (mm): 695
    Space Between Boards(mm):465 
    Castor: Natural Rubber Tyre + Nylon Structure 
    Max Capacity(kg): 200 
    Wheel Dia. (mm): 4" (100) 
    Net Weight(kg): 20.6
  • Optional Series : 
    PLA200-T2-HL2(Natural Rubber Tyre + Nylon Structure )
    PLA200Y-T2-HL2(Natural Rubber Tyre + Steel Structure)
    PLA200T-T2-HL2(TPR + Steel Structure)
    PLA200P-T2-HL2(PU Tyre + Steel Structure)
  • Optional Color : 
  • PLA200-T2-HL2正面.jpg色彩可选.jpg4
    Pull or Push Way Renew.png包装体例.jpg运输体例.jpg

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